The Struggles of Being a Military Lady: With My Ladies

Proper preparation is a must if you want to serve in the military. If you want to be successful as a female soldier, you will need to conform to the preparedness standards of the military and society. While it is true that sexual assault and harassment are widespread in the military, there are many other elements of being a woman in uniform that are often overlooked. What it really means is that there will be a lot of sexism, misunderstandings, and funny stories involving guys in uniform.

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Like their male counterparts, many women in the military have a wardrobe full of T-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with the insignia of their respective branches and units. When women wear them, people often assume their boyfriends are in the military and ask about them. It’s always fun to see the expressions on people’s faces when you have to gently straighten them.

As a woman in the military, you might expect sarcastic comments and intrusive questions, though the latter can occasionally leave you speechless. Although the discriminatory origins of inquiries are clear, many women still shrug their shoulders and take the opportunity to educate the questioner about the realities of her profession.

Every newcomer is challenged to settle down, but women can take up fighting positions previously reserved for men for the first time in a century. Although it can be difficult, showing women as competent gunners will open the door for more women.

Image Credit: Jonathan Tajalle/Unsplash

Many women who choose to pursue a military career instead of raising children experience sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Women in the military face more significant pressure from civilians and their peers than women anywhere else due to the stigma associated with working outside the home rather than staying home with their spouses and children.

Despite the difficulties, it is satisfying to follow in the footsteps of many brave women who have served in the military, whether in the Navy, Air Force, or Land Force.

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