Naughty New Zealander Kea Parrot steals a GoPro

Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds in the world. You can find them learning to imitate how human beings speak and they can make real sentences. They are vibrant, extremely social, intelligent, can steal a GoPro, and are long-lived creatures. The traits of many parrot species vary greatly, including their color, weight, and habits.

Image courtesy of Alexandra Verheul

Oftentimes, we find parrots doing naughty little things that most of the time are fun to watch or listen to. If you happened to think that only human beings are kleptomaniacs, then you were wrong! In New Zealand, a parrot couldn’t resist the temptation to steal a GoPro.

Aotearoa’s native alpine parrot, the kea, is famous for its curious and mischievous attitude and for stealing things from unsuspecting tourists and visitors, including purses, jewelry, packed lunches, windshield wipers, and other valuables. All of this is to say that this parrot knew exactly what he was doing.

Image courtesy of Alexandra Verheul

The Verheul family had just finished exploring a section of the Kepler Track, coming from Dunedin in the southeast of the country, when a kea snatched the Verheul family’s GoPro and took off over the forest while filming their escape.

Alex Verheul explained that a group of curious birds had joined them outside the cabin where they were staying, so they activated the camera to film them. That’s when the cheeky kea took off with him, filming the field from above before landing and repeatedly tapping his beak on the device.

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