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If you are a slave to your grocery store, it is time for you to wake up and break free. Grocery stores are a great place to buy everything you need in one convenient place. However, the grocery store model is based on offering basic everyday items at a low or normal price, while irregularly purchased items are priced very high. With that in mind, we want to summarize the four items you should never buy at a grocery store.

Greeting cards

For years, the grocery store was the only place I knew where I could buy greeting cards. However, that’s actually the only place that will charge you $5 each. If you go to a discount store you can get them for 50c. Even better, you can go online and order personalized cards for less than standard cards from your local store.


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I always assumed that batteries were incredibly expensive and decided that it was one of the weak points of modern life. not so Batteries can be really cheap, especially if you buy them in bulk. Amazon sells its own brand of cheap batteries that should work.


I never understood why people bought magazines. They are incredibly expensive and go out of date pretty quickly. However, if you subscribe to a magazine, you can get a year’s subscription for the same price as a handful at a grocery store.

Spices, grains, beans

This is a big category, but the reality is that you pay a lot for a 500 gram bag of (insert your favorite herb here) when you could go to a bulk whole grain store and buy a year’s supply for next to nothing. Oatmeal, although not that expensive in the supermarket, is the best example. A bag of 500 grams can cost you between two and three dollars while in a natural food store it will cost you about 5 dollars for 5 kilos.

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