The easiest way to start your first compost pile

Compost is a mixture of natural organic waste that is added to the soil to help plants grow. Whether you’re a hobby gardener or grow your own food, composting should be an intrinsic component of your lawn and garden maintenance activities to save you money.

When composting, you can add things like kitchen vegetables and fruit peels, and vegetable scraps. However, when adding kitchen scraps, be careful not to add dairy, meat, charcoal, or even your pet’s feces.


Composts require a variety of nutrients, including nitrogen and oxygen. There are several ways to start your compost pile, whether you want to do it in a compost bin or in the back of your garden. Here are some of the tips you should use:

Ensure balance of green and brown materials.

Two-thirds brown stuff and one-third green stuff are excellent compost composition ratios. Because the brown items are high in carbon, they feed organisms that break down waste, while the “green” materials provide nitrogen, which is needed to build the cellular components of your new soil.


Keep it moist and turn it frequently.

Keep your compost pile moist by adding wet scraps or using a hose; the goal is to keep it moist and not soak it in water. About once a week, it is good to turn the pile over to allow air to enter the deeper layer. Turning also prevents the compost from rotting. Your compost pile will be ready to use in four to six weeks.

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