The 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats remain the most popular pets across families and cultures as they are intelligent, emotional, and easy to care for.

There are pet owners who prefer certain breeds of cats in their homes and you may be surprised at how expensive cat breeds are, with many wondering if they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to buy a pet at home.

And what are the most expensive cat breeds for 2021, and the following is a list of the most expensive cat breeds out there.

10- The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world

The cost is up to 1200 dollars, and the Norwegian Forest cat is originally from Northern Europe, and this is what made it in the list of expensive cat breeds, and this cat is adapted to cold climates and the interesting thing about this breed is that it may have originated from the short-haired cats brought by the Vikings to Norway during 1000 AD

Original shorthair cats are also believed to be bred from the Siberian and Turkish Angora breeds, and if you are planning on getting this particular cat, you should be aware that there are some health issues you should be aware of.

This particular breed is prone to heart and kidney disease, the cost of this breed is around $600, it can also be more expensive depending on the quality and appearance of the cat you are planning to buy.

9- The Egyptian Mau cat

The Egyptian Mau cat is next on the list of expensive cat breeds. It is a small to medium sized cat known for its natural markings. Another breed that has this characteristic is the Bahraini Dilmun. What makes the Egyptian Mau’s spots unique is the fact that they only appear on the tips of the fur.

the Egyptian Mau cat originated in 1952, there are accusations that the Egyptian Mau originated in Egypt, on the other hand, DNA shows otherwise and according to genetic tests, it comes from North American and European ancestry.

The Egyptian Mau is also believed to be among the origins of the modern domestic cat and there are some notable differences in the physical traits of the Egyptian Mau from other cats there.

Among the most noticeable are the short front legs, and the Egyptian mau has a long, dark rear stripe that runs from the head to the tail. For this particular cat’s temperament, you can expect the Egyptian Mau to be friendly and loyal, and ideal for those with children.

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