The 7 most dangerous circus accidents in the world

The circus sometimes turns from a place of enjoyment to a place of horror and panic if the trainer loses control of the animals, so the “entertainment” listverse lists the most famous incidents that happened in the circus throughout the world.

1-Elephant Mary

The trainer “Reddridge” used to beat the elephant Mary with a stick, and the elephant took revenge and killed the trainer, but the death of the trainer was not the only tragedy, but the insistence of the citizens of the city to retaliate by of the coach. elephant, and the elephant was actually executed in front of 2,500 people.

2 – Desi Spain

Dessie, a 30-year-old American woman, fell on her head during an air show wearing cloth straps due to a machine failure. She fell and died instantly in 2004.

3- The four lions

Four lions tore apart the body of Tamer McCart in 1872 during a show in England, where a lion named “Terrant” attacked him with the participation of three other lions and tore his body apart in the gallery directly in front of the audience.

4- The swing of San Luis

Two of the best swing players, Billy Melson and Fred Lazell, fell to the ground after a technical failure and suffered serious injuries.

5 – Circus accident and Alandas

The Karl family had a terrible accident, when seven people fell through ropes and chairs from a height of 32 feet without a safety net. When the team leader tripped, all the players fell and two died, while the other two were paralyzed.

6 – Fire at the Barnum and Billy Brothers Circus

A fire at Circus Keyland killed 100 animals used in the Games in 1942, when an unknown source caught fire near the rescuing zoo tent. No one was able to rescue the animals loaded into nine boxes.

Fire at the Hartford Circus

A fire broke out in the large circus team tent in 1944, and the fire spread rapidly due to the presence of huge amounts of wax and gasoline, killing 169 people and injuring more than 700.

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