Five things all cat owners should take precautions

Many people have become cats in their homes and every cat breeder is a beginner or even a non-beginner, there are things to keep in mind and keep in mind that you may surely be desperate and sad because your cat infected some diseases due to changes. climatic. But he can prevent these diseases by following simple steps to prevent cats from getting them. Discover facts about cats

1- Stress:

Believe it or not, cats get stressed just like humans. The symptoms of this disease appear in the form of anxiety and trying to hide out of sight, not much can be found in front of just eating or eliminating the urge, as well as signs of stress shaking the head and pulling the hair and causing meows in the eyes. cats. Symptoms of stress in cats are very similar to those in humans, and there are common symptoms of stress such as moving around the house. To avoid cat anxiety, introduce a slow change in the cat’s life, such as playing or providing a comfortable bed, and most importantly, do not deprive the male or female cat of mating at the time of mating. What is the risk of breeding cats?


The best way to get rid of worms is to prevent them. Pinworm symptoms are loss of appetite, lethargy, frustration, and pus in the vagina. Animated. You must be very careful with these issues and to prevent cats from getting dewormed. Clean the litter boxes continuously that the cat can play and leave it for a while in the sun until it is well disinfected and ends any growth of parasites. Always clean the cat’s feeder as well as the dish to eliminate its need or the location of its litter and try to prevent cats from mixing with other infectious animals that can spread the disease. You can use special medicine to prevent worms every 3 months

3 – Cat flu:

It sounds silly, but cats can get the flu. And different from the human flu. It uses a general term used to describe a disease caused by a virus that infects cats are Fcy and Fyr and that causes difficulty breathing and can irritate the respiratory system of cats, fatigue, watery eyes, nasal congestion and loss of appetite and You will find Cats sneeze a lot like humans completely, you can protect cats from this disease. By not exposing your cats to cold drafts, especially after bathing them, you can give them the necessary vaccinations. It’s worth mentioning that cat flu medications themselves are human medications, you can give them from your medication and you’ll be fine. Also be careful with the adaptations and the fans, although they do not catch you cold, but it is one of the strong causes of the cat catching the flu

4 – furballs

One of the common problems among different types of cats is the problem of hair granules. Cats, clean creatures, spend most of their time in the process of self-cleaning and collective cleaning and usually results in the ingestion of quantities of hair and, since the hair is not digestible, the accumulation of quantities of this in the gut can cause a blockage, known as (Hairballs can make these cats cough and can also cause discomfort and constipation. Cats in the wild deal with this problem by swallowing weeds, which work as a natural repellent to hair cells, but domestic cats may require a dose of liquid paraffin at the rate of one tablespoon of N twice daily for three days.

5 – wrinkled hair

Another problem associated with the hair, especially in the types of cats that lose their hair, such as Sherzai cats. If you do not comb them every day to remove the accumulated hair that falls out, you will find the cat that is made up of Talcat’s large hair is difficult to shed and difficult to clean the cat, which can make it a fertile environment for blistering. If you have a cat with a brush, you should cut it with scissors, but if you are inexperienced, you should visit the cat. Doctor to get rid of these th tomatoes easily

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